Leadership and Motivation in the Workplace

Posted on October 15, 2010


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There are times that people in the workplace are very active and very passionate with what they are doing. Those are times of boom and amazing productivity. Yet, there are also times that motivation is low. Morale reaches rock bottom and the people simply lose their focus in working.

When this happens, the output is low, production is shabby and there is a general feeling of depression and discontent in the organization. If this happens to you in your workplace, you know the tremendous stress it puts on the leaders and also on the followers. They do not know how to deal with it and they simply forget the glory days of the past.

Leadership and motivation in the workplace is a very important asset. This can be a means to help your people achieve more and be more efficient and effective. But the big question is, how are you going to do it? How can you use your leadership for motivation in the workplace?

Lead by example. If you show your commitment to the vision, mission and goals of the organization, your subordinates will always remember what they are working for and how they can achieve the things that the organization expect from them.

Motivate yourself first. When you are motivated, it will show in your aura and countenance in the workplace. That can help in projecting yourself as a figure of authority and as a leader in the workplace.

Use memory aids. You can use posters placed in key positions in the workplace. Make sure that the people can easily see those posters and the message they have in them. This way, even if they are just entering the workplace or sitting in their cubicles, they are always reminded of what the organization stands for.

Motivate them by using carrots instead of sticks. Use positive reinforcements. Reward good behavior. Use them as an example in working excellently!

Motivation can sometimes be a challenging issue in the organization, especially in high stress situations. But as a leader, one of your tasks is to inspire motivation. You know your people and you have to do them a favor by making sure that you are motivated and you are communicating with them effectively.

Don’t get me wrong, motivation can sometimes become an excuse for a lack of productivity. Some people are willing to spend thousands of dollars just to get their people inspired and motivated to work passionately again. But if you just learned their styles of working and the rewards that appeal to them, you can increase motivation in the workplace and help ensure productivity.

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