Good Leaders Create the Environment For Motivation

Posted on October 11, 2010


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It has been said that one person cannot motivate another. Motivation comes from within each person. Motivation is an individual desire. It is up to the individual to motivate themselves to set goals, try, succeed, learn and grow, to move forward.

Leaders create an environment that inspires others. It is with this inspiration that motivation develops. This inspiration gives the team or individual a sense of purpose that develops into goals. The team or individual needs to feel they will achieve the goals. With the leader’s vision and inspiration, set in the proper environment, this can happen.

A proper business environment fosters growth and creativity. It allows room for mistakes and challenges. The environment is key to allowing the growth of each individual as well as the team. Honesty and integrity are required, along with humor and sense of urgency to meet the goals with the passion and excellence the team brings to each project.

Along with an inspiring environment, leaders set high expectations. Leaders review goals and remove roadblocks. They do not simply sit on the sideline as a cheerleader – the leader is the force that moves the team forward – sometimes by pushing (offering challenges), sometimes by pulling (asking for trust), but always with the vision in mind.

In order to gain momentum to move towards a vision, the leader needs to have a team built on trust. Trust comes from developing an honest relationship with the individuals on the team and with the entire team itself. Taking time to get to know each team member, both personally and professionally, is time well spent. The leader will discover how each member works, what drives their success, how best to communicate with them. In return, the team member will learn that they can contribute, be creative and work with the leader to build development plans to reach goals – both personal goals and business goals. Once the leader has a team built on trust, everyone cares. When everyone cares, then the team works to deliver results with excellence.

An inspiring environment and a team built on trust needs a leader with a solid game plan. Remember – the best relationships work in 2 directions. Leaders with a solid game plan expect the best from their team – no settling for good enough! This leader also gives their best – always, continuing to inspire the team to do the same – give their best for the good of the team. A leader with a solid game plan never gives up – always looks for a way to change a ‘no’ to a ‘yes’. Leaders work to enlist the team to see the positive in each situation – the opportunity that arises out of a challenge or a problem leads to growth, both personally and for the business.

Teams with leaders who create an inspiring environment, build a team on trust and have a good game plan can bring their teams successfully through changes, trends, economic downturns and peaks in sales. This leader has created a team ready for success, prepared to meet and exceed goals with excellence and continue to foster a new vision with their leader.

Lora Crestan is a coach with Solstice Group Coaching and Solution Linx On-Line Coaching. Lora’s more than 20 years experience in people development brings expertise to life and business coaching. Work with Lora to build your life goals, create actionable steps to realize your goals, clarify priorities and become the wonderful person you know you are. Visit Lora at and at

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