Leadership Series for Successful Living

Posted on May 18, 2010


How do we know that someone is a leader? Specifically, what does he do or nor do that make him stand out? Can a person be a leader simply because they fill the chairperson seat of a committee or hold managerial position?

I believe that we all would agree that leadership is not quite about the position we hold, but more pertinently the actions we do, for it is easy to conceive an immature tyrant ruling a country but has actions that is far from that of a leader. What then, constitutes ideal actions of a leader? Perhaps, it may help to reflect on your ‘idols’, your peers, your boss, or perhaps even yourself. What do you do that makes others deem you to be their leader?

You may probably have answers ranging from “value-based actions”, to “task oriented” to “caring for subordinates”. These are probably all right answers. However, to push our understanding of what it means to be a leader further, we may further probe to see if that is all. Is being all the answers to the above question, be it “value-based”, “task oriented” or “caring for subordinates”, all that entails in our definition of being a leader? What, then, about those who exhibit those traits but at the same time, are guilty of “procrastinating”, “shrieking of responsibility” or “making careless decisions”? Do they still count as leaders?

It seems, then, that leaders should be people who not just exhibit leadership traits but also lack certain undesirable traits. Indeed, a leader is defined more by his lifestyle, which is the collection of actions, than anything else. I believe that we would all be on the same page in saying that we can identify one as a leader when he has consistent productive patterns, such as taking initiative, being responsible or being charismatic.

Now if we’d just reflect back on our own leadership journey. Have we truly lived a lifestyle of leadership? Have we thought of our leadership skills as a mere set of “leadership” actions, rather than a lifestyle and collection of paradigms, values and actions? Almost certainly, we know that at some point as leaders, we have not understood and demonstrated what it means truly to be a leader. Perhaps, even till today, we are still no more a leader than any random one else in our organisation.

The good news is, such a lifestyle may be learnt! Yes, that’s right! By modeling Dr. Orison Swett Marden, Richard Gorhem teaches us how we can live the lifestyle of a true leader, and produce massive results towards our leadership goals and team goals. This will help us realise the difference between successful leaders and mediocre leaders, learn how we can lead a life of leadership, create visions with passion, drive our actions with purpose, develop confidence in situations, improve relationships and much more!

It has been said that it does not take intelligence to succeed. It does not take extreme wisdom to succeed. It does not take ridiculous amout of hard work to succeed. It merely takes ACTION to succeed. Only those who take action succeed, and simply by taking action place them in the top 1% of the population. Do you have what it takes to be in that 1%?

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