Patterns of Excellence!

Posted on April 24, 2010


Patterns of ExcellenceAll through my journey as a leader and a leadership consultant, I was often asked the question, “How did you manage to be so successful? How did you manage to achieve what so many failed to?”

Indeed, it seemed to many that I was naturally gifted with impressive leadership capabilities and the ability to lead masses. It almost seemed to them that I was born with the amazing gifts of being able to command respect and inspire confidence. Cruel as it may sound, the limiting belief that the achievements of some is too great to dream of attaining is the very reason why so many who bear this limiting belief remain where they are, while others are producing massive results!

Why do I say so? Simply because by presupposing that the achievements of someone are impossible to attain, one judges the achievement to be an anomaly, an outlier of the system. Hence, his actions would reflect his belief; he would not work to achieve what he thinks is impossible, and even if his efforts bring him close, he would believe that he has reached his limits and fail to break the barrier of apparent impossibility. We often tell ourselves that we can’t, that it’s impossible, that there’s no point trying. As you are reading this, you, too may realise yourself having, at some point in your life, displaying signs of such limiting beliefs. You may easily remember a time where you thought of something to be too overwhelming that you deem it to be an impossibility, only to see others around you fight and succeed in achieving. Perhaps, such a scenario may not just present itself in the sense of leadership, but as you further ponder, you may realise that it is in fact, a pattern in your life.

What are patterns? Simply put, patterns are cycles of behaviour that present themselves consistently, across all aspects of our lives. While patterns in our behaviour may be beneficial or detrimental towards our success, patterns which are detrimental are by far, much more common than patterns of success. What does this mean? Well, this just means that most people exhibit patterns of behaviour across their lives that sabotage their success. Reflect on your own life and the life of those around you, and instantly, or after some thought, you would know this to be true, that negative patterns, such as procrastination, self doubt, smoking, binging, quarrelling, are excessively prevalent.

Why, then, are some people radically more successful than others? Is there something they know that others don’t? Is there something they possess that others are unaware about? Well, the answer to both questions is ‘Yes’! Successful people indeed, do have something that less successful people don’t. However, it is not something that is out of reach!

What successful people possess that allows them to produce massive results are patterns of excellence! Instead of having self sabotaging patterns, they possess patterns of behaviours in their lives that enable them to consistently achieve successful outcomes, outcomes that seem impossible to others.

And this is my answer to the initial question. To those who wondered how I became successful and achieved massive results, the answer is simply via having patterns of excellence! I wasn’t born talented. I wasn’t born a leader. I most certainly wasn’t born wise! However, I possess a key factor that has helped me succeed wildly beyond my imaginations. This ingredient X is the patterns of excellence.

So how can I have the patterns of excellence? The good news, is, what all successful people have is a simple set of patterns that have boosted their success, and it most certainly isn’t something out of reach from you! It is here, waiting for you to discover and apply to your life to help you, too, produce massive results in leadership and all other aspects of your life!

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