Leadership Lessons

Posted on November 28, 2009


The boss goes on endlessly about visions and goals but is somehow oblivious to the numerous problems on the ground. The boss picks on every little detail and controls every single aspect of the subordinates’ lives, suffocating them as a result. The boss leaves merrily well before knock-off timing but chides off any poor soul who leaves a second before the bell. The boss claims credit for work not done and shrinks responsibility for work poorly done.

Is this a common experience in your workplace? Does this ‘Boss’ sound like a perfect description of your very own? Or perhaps, a subordinate leader under your charge? Or perhaps, you?
Fact is, the various ‘Boss’ described above are present in every work environment, in every field of work and at all levels of the hierarchy. Such leadership traits, or rather, lack of it, are sometimes, even unconsciously desplayed by our very own selves.

Do your subordinates often produce work wildly different from what you instructed for, even though you made it really clear and specific? Do your subordinates sometime seem downright unmotivated for no apparent reason?

You get the point.

At Leadership-Lessons.com, I will share with you numerous leadership lessons and stories that I have accumulated throughout my journey as a leader. These invaluable advices will undoubtedly serve you well in your journey to become a leader worthy of respect, regardless of which field you are in or your position in the hierarchy. Some of the tales may resonate with your own experience, and reading them will only serve to expand your choices as a leader, making you much more resourceful and flexible.
Ready to embark on the journey of leadership discovery?

Stay tuned.